Medical Intuitive Assessment

What is a medical intuitive assessment?


A medical intuitive assessment is focused on utilizing intuition to understand the role of psychological, emotional and spiritual stressors in  disease.


It is a way to assess energy fields, pathways and centers to determine how they might be negatively affected by internal or external stressors that can cause tension, and ultimately disease, in the body. 



What are the benefits of a medical intuitive assessment?


 A medical intuitive assessment can help you get a better sense of the underlying causes of your health condition and to understand how your body ultimately reflects what your mind thinks.


The physical body is a literal manifestation of how our mind is operating at any given time.  All aspects of the body and mind need to be carefully attended to in order to achieve optimal wellness.


What will my assessment consist of?


All clients will be sent the Terms of Service to e-sign before their session. 


The evaluation will cover an assessment of the energetic body. The report is usually 6-8  pages of detailed information consisting of five main areas, which are as follows:


  • Energy Balance: This is the relationship of the mind/body connection. Simply put, this is how the mind relates to the body and how well we understand the information.

  • Energy Blocks: This is an interpretation of the mind/body connection and how our thoughts affect our body. 

  • Emotional Blocks: These are energetic areas of congestion in the body caused by not processing emotions and allowing healing to take place. Often just bringing these issues to a conscious level to the individual assists in the healing process. Emotional blocks are recognized as stress related factors in our society.

  • Energy Intake Assessment (Chakra Evaluation): The evaluation will indicate which chakras are opened or closed and the effects this may have on your body and well-being. Suggestions will be offered of how to improve your energy function based on the information obtained from the Energy Intake Assessment.

  • Recommendations: After careful evaluation of the energetic content, references will be offered in this section that generally include professionals from our current medical model as well as alternatives to assist you on the path of well-being.



Once the evaluation is completed and sent to you, a specific date and time will be determined for a zoom conversation which lasts approximately 30-45 mins to go over the report with you in more detail.


*This report is not intended to replace advice of your medical professional.  It is an intuitive evaluation based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body and must be handled in such a manner.  The intention of such a report is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as an assessment tool.


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Medical Intuitive Assessment $120

(includes 6-8 page written report and 30-45 min followup discussion via skype)

Follow-Up Distant Healing Session $35


Payment is accepted  by e- transfer (for Canadian residents). 


*Unfortunately, cancellations made within 24 hours of a session will result in the holding of half your initial prepayment.


*All information collected by Soulbird Consulting will be kept confidential within our organization and will only be used for completing your order.



“I found Angie’s assessment very accurate. Not only that but the way she delivers it is very healing in itself. Her healing intention and compassion is very obvious and it shines through each word. Because the assessment sheds light on issues that cry out for healing it is easy to act on Angie’s recommendations.”

KG Ottawa




" Angie's energy assessment was so interesting to me and when put in writing in front of me made so very much sense.  In fact, I recall being quite in awe of the information she was presenting.  As a result, I am trying to be very conscious of how I feel and if I feel negativity either physically or emotionally that I stop to examine what might be causing it and then to try to understand what I must do to fix it.I would highly recommend this type of assessment and heed the recommendations, especially if you are like me, a 55 year old with a hectic life and a demanding job and a tendency to not pay as much attention to myself as I do to others.  Thank you Angie!"


MP Ottawa




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